Friday, December 5, 2008

Parenting an Autistic Child

Ben woke up yesterday in one of his moods. Eyes dialated, freaking out for no apparent reason. I've seen it before and I know that only 1 thing will fix it. I was in the rocker, perfectly safely situated with all my pillows. I quickly resituated myself with a thin pillow across my front and called him to come to me. He walked up to me looking as sad as could be crying away. I told him to climb up. He looked at me for a moment and then did. I will not lie, it was not what i truely was wanting, and it was probably one of the most painful pieces of my recovery so far. I was able to mostly situate him so that he wasn't on my drain lines and pump, and so that he wasn't putting to much pressure on my incision. But lets face it, I've been cut the entire way around my body, there was no way i was going to keep him off the incision! He was able to curl up with his head on my chest and he immediately stopped crying. He laid there on me for over 20 minutes. It was the sweetest time i think I've ever had with him. My mom snapped a photo. A friend said that's exactly what a parent of an autistic child looks like! :)

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