Friday, December 5, 2008

1 week post op

today is 1 week since my surgery. i'm doing pretty good. i'm getting up and down by myself mostly and i'm doing better on stairs. i'm still bent overr 5-10 degrees according to my engineer hubby. all i know is i'm still not upright yet. my tailbone is killing me from sitting 24 hrs a day. i still can't lay down so i sleep sitting in my chair. my muscles are also hurting alot from always being in this bent over position to the point i was up half the night with muscles cramps last night. i'm hoping by monday that i will be upright!
here are my 1 week post op pics! looking a bit better! :)


Hannah said...

WOMAN!!! I had no idea you were doing this! I need to check your blog from now on!

Wow - what a change from preop to now. I am so impressed with you and the journey you've been on - 102lbs! You rock, woman!

Looking forward to watching you continue on this journey! And seriously, way to go. That is an amazing accomplishment!

CNH said...

I'm assuming since you're mangling your boobies they haven't done those yet? ;-)

You look GREAT! The healing is seriously impressive for one week post op.

Nicole said...

Wow Heather! The difference is amazing! I can't believe how well you sound like you are doing so soon after. I can't wait to see how well the surgery has changed you after you are completely healed. You are far braver than I... That level of pain scares me. Was it really horrible? Csections were the worst I've experienced.

So how did you lose your 100 pre-op? I'm in the process of trying to lose.