Friday, October 3, 2008

Crab Apples

Yesterday morning Emily took the last apple to school. Ben decided this was an issue that needing discussing.
he informs me that the apples are all gone. He said that we needed to buy more. i agreed. Then he stares out the window at our crab apple tree. He says there's apples. I said those are called crab apples. Ben says "crab apples aren't yummy. They have crabs in them." Then he went back to finishing his waffle.
He's so adorable!

In other news. Emily and Jace are finishing up there first week at their new school. They are loving it, and have already made some friends. Today is school spirit day, and they each left sporting their new school shirts. They both are doing well! Every afternoon they've spent outside riding bikes and playing with the neighborhood kids. They've loved it!

Ben and Ari are doing well too! They've been outside exploring as well. Ben has been trying to figure out how the tricycle works! Ari has enjoyed having alot of space indoors to run around as well!

Brian and I finally got the TV put together last night. Now we can actually relax and watch some TV. There are 3 boxes left to unpack and I'm hoping to get that done today. one is all the movies and entertainment center stuff. So it should go pretty fast. Then my goal for the weekend is fall decorating! I'm excited to get to decorate!

Jace has his appt at the UofI yesterday. He is going to keep his medication doubled, and wants to start changing around the dosage on the miralax. He's hoping to be able to find the "sweet spot" dosage. It will be an interesting road. he's also wanting us to start letting Jace have all of his trigger foods and drinks. He wants to begin figuring out how much the medication is helping. We will slowly start this on the weekends. His next full recheck there is Dec 4th. So we will start a bit this weekend!

That's all for now! Ben is finishing up breakfast and his bus comes in 15 minutes, Emily and Jace are at school, and Little Lady is still asleep! YEAH!!!!!!

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CNH said...

I actually JUST got a bottle of lanolin from Ewe Need It! TOO DIE FOR yum! I've got half a wash bar left and then I'll switch my business to her for that as well. She was super sweet to work with.

I can use all the wool I can get! LOL! I'm addicted and someone is always blowing out poo all over theirs.