Monday, October 27, 2008

Emily's 8th Birthday!

my oldest is 8 years old today! WOW! Time flies! We had Emily's party on Saturday. She had 23 kids and 8 adults. We think that's the count anyways. It's not so easy getting that many kids to sit still long enough for a count! :) The party started with dancing and music and the kids all playing in the decorated basement. Then we did 2 pinata's. 1 a high school musical. we used blindfolds and they had a blast! Then the 2nd was a huge llama. no blindfolds and they just couldn't seem to break it. So I took 1 big swing and it broke right off at the neck. OOPS! lol the kids had a candy hayday! Then we did cupcakes, and opened presents. Then the kids all headed outside to play on the swing and monkey bars and started up a game of soccer! it was a great time for everyone!
My parents left this morning, and the kids don't have school today. We are going to enjoy a lazy day at home today!
Here are some pictures from her party!
all of the candy and prizes needed to fill the pinatas!!

the high school musical pinata and emily taking a swing at it

the llama pinata

The beheaded llama. hehe

Cake and singing:Emily was just beaming!

Missy and Ari enjoying cupcakes!

John and Ben taking a break during the party to play!

Emily opening presents

Emily opening presents

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