Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Good weekend!!!

It's been a busy but sorta lazy few days. Saturday morning I went and got my hair done. It looks much better and it was nice to have 2 hrs at the salon! Then Saturday evening I headed to coralville and had a nice quiet dinner and a movie with my friend/SIL. We had a great time chatting and walking around the mall for a bit as well! It was a much needed time without the kids!
Yesterday I began quilting again! YEAH!!! I spent 3 glorious hours working on a quilt. It was sooo nice to get back to it! The apartment was so tiny it was hard to get everything out and then getting moved and situated I just haven't had time! I really enjoyed it!
Tonight we are having family pictures taken! We are having them taken outdoor at a local park! We are in full Fall around here and it is absolutely gorgeous! We are really excited!
It's super cold this morning, a whole 38 degrees! i'm hoping it warms up a bit as the day goes on! :)
The newest results should hopefully be in this week. So we are waiting.
More Soon!

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