Thursday, October 9, 2008

Positive, Negative, OR Variant

Positive-means the gene mutation is present that they have found so far to look for as 1 sign of breast cancer and ovarian cancer risk.
Negative-means the gene mutation is not present that they have found so far to look for as 1 sign of breast cancer and ovarian cancer risk.
Variant-means something isn't right but they aren't far enough along in medical research to know what it means yet, unsure if it is the gene mutation or what it is.

Guess what BOTH of my results came back as. You guessed it, Variant. The genetic counselor said this is the worst result to get, because we simply don't know. My insurance has approved Level 2 DNA testing and so the lab will get started on that and it should be about a week to get those results. Hopefully they will shed more light.
Normally at this point the insurance will still go ahead and approve a hysterectomy. With the family history, and the risk, and the variant and such it's usually a given what to do. The problem is the hormones needed after a hysterectomy increase AGAIN the risk of breast cancer. So we are hoping for some more definite results from this next round of testing. We will still wait to make any decisions until we have ALL the info back.

I'm frustrated, and still just as scared as I was. It's not that I was expecting the tests to be negative or positive. But I would have rather knowing what we are dealing with so we can get this over. Saying something is wrong, but medical science can only move so fast, is beyond frustrating. So we will obviously keep everyone updated as we know more.
Thanks for all the prayers and thoughts and phone calls and emails. I've called a few of you on the phone already with the results, and at the moment just don't feel like talking anymore. will call everyone else back in a bit.


Chelle said...

I'm so sorry that there isn't an answer in black and white Heather! You are continually in my thoughts and prayers! Thinkin of you mama! *HUGS*

CNH said...

Oh man! Not that I wanted a 'yes' by any means but a definitive one way or the other. :(

Heather said...

that's how i feel as well. I didn't want a yes, but I just really want to know. My genetic counselor told me that the variant is the hardest result to get. I believe her! :)