Thursday, October 9, 2008

Still Waiting

I'm still waiting on my results. She was hoping to get them yesterday and didn't. She contacted the lab yesterday to find out what's going on and now we are waiting to hear back from them. I hate waiting.

In other news...Everyone is doing pretty well. Last night was our 5th week in Dave Ramsey's FPU. We are enjoying the class and learning alot. It has taken alot of time to get thru some of our homework but we are finally figuring it out.

Jace had a rough night last night. He did throw up and had some stomach pain. This hasn't happened much lately so it was a bit unusual. We will be having him take it easy for the next few days.

Ariana has therapy this morning and I'm excited to sit down with her therapist and go over some stuff. Her last appt was cancelled because of our move, and the appt before that Brian was the one with her not me. So I haven't been to a session for quite a while!

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