Monday, October 6, 2008

Getting Antsy

I'm hopefully in my final countdown on my results. I spoke with my genetic counselor last week and she's expecting the results midweek. So I'm waiting...not so patiently. I so badly want to know, but there is that part of me that isn't quite ready to know yet either. Once we get the results decisions will have to be made pretty quickly. We think we've already made both choices for either result, but clearly once we get them, we MAY change our mind. We know that the doctor has already supports both of our decisions so that will make life easy there.

in other news. We had a good weekend. We had some friends over with their 2 kids on friday evening. everyone had a great time! saturday we did some housework and had a nice lazy afternoon. Sunday we tried out a local church, and weren't impressed. We had another lazy afternoon and went for a walk at our local nature park. It was gorgeous there. All the trees are starting to change and drop leaves, it is like a slice of heaven out there!

today was back to the real world. everyone back to school and work. little lady and i are having a bit of a lazy day today!
here are a few pictures from our weekend. Emily was outside all darned weekend so none of her. need to coral her for some pics! :)

Jace friday after coming home from school. tired boy!

Ben this morning before school being so cute!

And my little lady Ari this morning. Such a cutie!

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