Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Thanks everyone!!!

Thanks for all the support everyone. It's just hard sometimes and so frustrating. I just think I really need something for myself. I'm thinking about knitting and quilting and maybe selling a bit. Right now I would stick with more soakers and longies and kids stuffed animals, and baby and twin sized quilts. I can do larger but the amount of time involved is just something I'm not quite ready to do. So I may look into it and test the waters per see on etsy and hyena cart. i just need to do something. Something I enjoy, something I can do on my own time, and something that can bring in a touch of money. We shall see.

In other news...Everyone here is good. It's been super cold, low 20's in the mornings. It's supposed to warm up a touch this week into the 60's so that would be nice. The kids are excited for halloween! Ben has a field trip tomorrow, and all of the kids have fall parties at school on friday! will make for a fun rest of the week! Emily tested out of all her addition. She finished the last level and her teacher has now moved her onto subtraction! She apparently did REALLY well! it's 100 problems and they have 10 minutes and have to get a 90% or higher I think it is. Well Emily missed 1 out of the whole 100 and did it in 6 minutes! So she has moved on! Jace is also doing super good! He is already up to 35 out of 42 jolly phonics sounds. 1 month ago he was at 12 out of 42! His teacher is super excited and so are we!
That's about all for today. Going to do some quilting and have another lazy day with Ari!

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