Thursday, October 16, 2008

Insurance Approval!!!

YEAH!!! My insurance has finally finished all the paperwork and we've gotten the approval letter for my plastic surgery!!! I will be calling my surgeon tomorrow to get it scheduled. I'm hoping to get it done right after christmas! I'm so excited!

i also will be meeting tomorrow with my OB to discuss all my options at this point. Right now we are wanting to start with the hysterectomy and go from there. I will update tomorrow after my appointment!

Jace had quite the rough night last night. His meds are working a bit to well and he couldn't make it to the bathroom in the middle of the night. The ladder of his bed, the carpet, all the way down the hall, the bathroom, and his bedding were all covered in poop. He tried to clean it up by himself and made it worse. We discovered it hours later and spent FOREVER cleaning it all up. one of the worst things i have ever had to deal with. I immediately put a call into his doc, and am waiting to hear back. His meds clearly need adjusted. Poor guy. We told him if it ever happens again to immediately come get us. We will see how tonight goes!

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Chelle said...

YAY!! That's exciting news about your Insurance Approval! Keep updated on what your OB says!! Sorry to hear about Jace! His meds are working, just a little too well! Keepin you in my thoughts and prayers! *HUGS*