Monday, October 20, 2008

Surgeon Appt!

This morning was my appt with the plastic surgeon. Insurance has approved 2 of the stomach surgeries, 1 of which he said he has only seen approved 1 time before. So I feel pretty lucky. Then he mentioned that there is a research study that I qualify for. With my insurance approving 2 of the pieces of the surgery and then this study I would end up having very little to probably no cost for the full belt lipectomy. Mind you this is a 20,000 to 30,000 dollar surgery! This is the surgery that I really need, that I really want! I'm beyond excited! So now I wait till next week to hear if it was all definately approved! Any way you look at it I will definately be having the surgery it just depends on which one! I'm so excited to be in the final stages of this!

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Chelle said...

YAY!!! Jumping up and down for you :) That's so great Heather!! I'm so happy for you!! Keep us posted :)