Tuesday, October 28, 2008

So frustrated sometimes

sometimes i get so frustrated i just want to scream. I love being able to be home with my kids, but i'm tired. I can't do everything by myself. I spent the entire weekend in the kitchen cooking. I hardly got to visit, I didn't get to spend time with my kids, nothing. i cooked and cleaned. If my mom hadn't have been here helping me in the kitchen i wouldn't have made it. Not once did my husband jump in and help out. Then this morning before work the same thing occurs. THEN he has the freaking nerve to tell me that "atleast you get to live here for free" OMG. I paya higher price to live here than anyone else in this house. I do ALL the cooking, dishes, housework, laundry, appts, kids homework, cloth diapering, meal planning, shopping, organizing, bill paying, phone calls, family contacts, therapies, gym classes, music classes, school events, etc..I do ALL OF IT. I work from the moment I get up until the moment i go to bed. He goes to work forr 8 hours, ALL of that sitting at his desk, some of it searching the web and reading blogs and articles. He gets to interact with adults, do something he enjoys, gets quiet time and breaks etc...Then when he gets home he thinks he shouldn't have to do anything because he already put in a work day AND on weekends he tells me it's his day off. When the hell is my day off? when have I put in a work day and get a break.
I know that other mothers deal with this but I wonder if to this extent. Do all fathers say it's their things and they are the ones who bring in the money, do they say their wife lives for free, etc...
i'm just at the end of my rope. i need a job. i need to get the hell out of this house and away from all of these people.


MamaMia said...

I think that I heard this a couple of weeks ago. There is no thanks that I am helping his son try and have a somewhat normal, productive life. I am met with, I worked all day, why should I put Mia to bed? No matter that I am pg or have other fun things, like cooking etc. to do.

Chelle said...

I'm sorry that you aren't being appreciated H! That sucks! Even though I work full time, I get the same kind of talk! I hope B wakes up and realizes that the house wouldn't function properly without you! My advice, show him it wouldn't. Ok, ok, maybe not that harsh, but what the crap, you are the mom and need to be appreciated!! Good luck girl!