Friday, August 1, 2008

moving tomorrow

Our landlord was served. now we wait and see what he says. we are rushing to get all moved out. we have to be out by the 7th.

we sign the lease and get our keys for our apartment tomorrow at 9am. we have people coming tomorrow and sunday to help us move. we are keeping our fingers crossed that we will get it all out. only time will tell!

the kids are a mess. today was jace's kindergarten roundup. he totally freaked out and they had to pull him off of me. once he was there he did fine. but then we came home and he had nap. He tied ben to the bedroom door, and then punctured the air bed 8 times. I have no idea what to do with him. he draws on the walls and doors, he breaks hangers, shreds everything in sight, etc. He is really getting destructive. i don't know if he's just bored and doesn't know what else to do with himself or what. we've got to figure it out though cause i'm about to lose my sanity.
on the good news side of Jace i was SUPER happy with the school. I think it will be the best part of this move. i think it will be exactly the kind of school we've wanted for emily and jace.

so that's about all for now. we will get internet up and running as soon as possible. in the mean time, like always, i will have my cell phone with me at all times!

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Chelle said...

I hope that all of your friends come to help you move so it gets done quickly! I'm sorry things are hairy right now! Hang in there! *HUGS*