Thursday, August 14, 2008

Half Furniture

Well half of our furniture is here. We got a call yesterday that part of our loft beds were in. They sent 1 whole loft bed, and then 2/3 of the other set of beds. The didn't send the headboards and footboards for 2 of the beds. So we were only able to put 1 loft bed together and 1 roll under twin bed. So the boys have beds. we have all the HUGE pieces of emily's and ari's beds in boxes taking up about 2/3 of my living room. Then they inform us they aren't sure when the next truck comes in. They know it won't be this week, maybe sometime next week. nobody seems to know for sure. Then today I get the call that part of our living room furniture is here. The couch and loveseat. the chair and ottoman are on another truck, should hopefully be here next week. of course my living room is full of bed parts. so i have random pieces of furniture all over the place. my itty bitty apt is a cluttered mess, with boxes and pieces of furniture everywhere. people randomly sleeping on the floor and all that great stuff. last night ari ended up sleeping on emily's twin mattress laid on the floor and emily slept on the carpet. go figure. so maybe the rest will come in some time next week. ugggh. and to think we only paid $5000 for the dang crap. shitty customer service i tell you.

in other was ari's first appt with her occupational therapist. she definately noticed ari's hands and showed me some exercises and games to help ari start working with her hands more, especially her thumbs. she immediately noticed how ari favors her right hand, to the point of forgetting she even has a left hand. She said they don't like to see that so strongly at her age and to try and encourage her to use her left more, set up scenarios where she has no choice.

the kids and i are getting MAJOR cabin fever. the house is a cluster of boxes. we are in MAJOR budget mode and so we've pretty much stayed in. so far this week we went to the doctor, ran to their school to drop off 2 forms, and drove to the store a mile away to help load a few pieces of the loft bed yesterday. tonight we may get to run to the store for 1 loaf of bread. The kids are fighting constantly and i'm absolutely sick of hearing it. as of right now the oldest 2 are behind me on MY bed fighting over a stupid nintendo DS game. ugggh. my sanity is on thin ice right now.

more later....

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