Sunday, August 17, 2008

Attempted Burglary

We left this morning around 10am and came home around 12:30. We ran errands and went grocery shopping. Came home and someone had tried to break in. The doorknob and deadbolt were broken on our front door and our storage closet on the patio. There were pry marks on the frame. We called maintenance and the police. Officer came and took report. Apparently our doorknob is a closet door knob and the dumb ass who installed it put it on backwards. If the thief had a screwdriver with them they could have simply taken the screws out and the knob would have come off. Maintenance will be coming to fix the door. We will be filing a HUGE complaint with the manager tomorrow. They didn't get into our home but still. we had our front blinds completely open for all to see right in...didn't even think about it, we just love the light. we asked the officer if this happens alot in this community and he said no. but we are back in the middle of the complex, on the 3rd floor, and our neighbors are on vacation. so yeah.
i'm so damn sick of it all.

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