Friday, August 29, 2008

Vacation starts today!!!

This week has been busy. It's been the first full week of school, and it's been hectic. Ari and I spent the first few days at home, getting things done. She still spent the beginning of the week crying each time everyone left, but seems to be doing better now. We have started going out and doing things just her and I and she seems to really be enjoying that! The kids are enjoying school and doing well! They are all pretty tired when they get home though!

We are leaving for vacation this afternoon. We were thinking about it and this is our first family vacation that isn't to go see extended family. Kinda weird. We are excited, and the kids are definately excited! Sunday we will be meeting some very close friends of mine in St Louis. I have known their family for over 25 years now! WOW! I'm so excited to get to see them and spend some time with them!

We won't be taking our laptops on the trip, but like always will have our cell phones if anyone needs it!
Pictures when we return! :)

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Anonymous said...

Hope you all have a grande time!