Tuesday, August 19, 2008


We are going on vacation...FINALLY. We've decided to go ahead and do it over the holiday weekend. We will leave Friday and come home late monday evening. We're going to St Louis for the weekend. I'm so excited to take the kids and show them around to all the places I grew up. I've got lists for the Zoo, St Louis Childrens Museum, Science Center, Grants Farm, and the Arch. Then on my backup list is Botanical Gardens, Art Museum, History Museum, and Union Station. Clearly for those of you who have been this is WAY to many things, but I want to make sure I've got directions and hours and admission and all that info ready to go just in case! The zoo right now is doing a huge Dinoroarus event. The kids will absolutely love it! If you enter within the first hour of being open from 8-9am admission is free! We will be there! :)
We have reserved a suite hotel with kitchen and such, so that will be nice! Will help save a bit of money and also allow us to keep Jace's diet and such monitored well!
I really think that we need this. I think it will do us good to simply get away for a bit and be together!

In other news....Emily starts school tomorrow. Jace and Ben start on Thursday. They are excited and so am I! Last night was Ben's open house at his school. We dropped off his school supplies and got to see the classrooms all made up. His special classroom that he'll be in 2 days a week has a pet lizard and he was pretty fascinated by that! Tonight is Emily's open house where she will get to meet her teacher and classmates and see her room. We will also drop off her school supplies!

All of our furniture finally came in. I'm going to finish up putting out all the "pretties" this afternoon and then I will get pictures posted!

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Blee said...

Its really a good news that Emily starts new school year. Good luck.