Friday, August 22, 2008

The School Week Ends

Friday afternoon has arrived. Emily had 3 days of school this week, and the boys 2. We took everyone to school the first 2 days and today they rode the buses. Everyone has enjoyed school and done really well.
Emily~she has already made some friends. She is in the same class and shares a locker and rides the bus with a little girl who lives right across the parking lot from us in another building here. She's enjoying her teacher and her new school. She had no problem riding the bus today as it's old hat for her and both of her friends were on the bus with her.
Jace~ he had a great time yesterday and said he made a friend, a girl of course! :) this morning he was a bit nervous about riding the bus, but sat with emily and did great apparently. upon coming home he informed me that he doesn't have to ride with emily next time because he likes the bus. He brought home the snack bucket today, and they are going to celebrate his summer birthday on monday. he's excited about that!
Benjamin~he did good yesterday. he even got to be the leader for the day. this week was only IEP kids so there were just 2 of him in his class. that helped give him a chance to get used to it. Today he took the bus. When he came home this afternoon i asked him about his day and what he did. he said he played outside in the sand and then MOMMY! i thought it was so cute! yesterday he informed me that he ate cookies and drank water and then mommy came back.
Ariana has been the one who has struggled. she cried yesterday and today when we left ben, the last one of the group to be dropped off or picked up. she spends her whole morning hanging onto me and pulling me along behind her everywhere she goes. I'm hoping she settles down into a routine soon. poor girl is used to always having someone to play with. she was sitting next to me on the couch earlier and had my cell phone. she'd pick it up "hello bubba. hello jace." and she did this over and over for 10 minutes. i felt so bad for her, but i had to laugh!
the weekend is here and i'm ready! tomorrow my SIL and BIL will be coming and they are going to watch our kids while we help some good friends of ours move. They have helped us move twice now and they are moving! we are excited to get the chance to help them out as well!

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