Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Baked Bread

Our apartment maintenance was out here on Monday and repaired the roof. It had lost a section of shingles in the storm. he also came inside and looked at the damage here. They will be out today or tomorrow to repair the entire damage...taking out the section of ceiling, treating, redoing, etc...Yesterday I spoke with the manager of the apartments and she apologized multiple times and told me that we would get a rent discount. She called Brian and let him know that we would get 2 days free rent, $60 off. then yesterday as we were cooking someone knocked on the door. It was a card with an apology and the rent discount in writing, and a loaf of fresh baked raisin bread. Although it doesn't fix the problem, it shows us that we are dealing with a whole new bread of landlord. We felt so much better.

In other news...Emily is doing good. She is getting ready to start 2nd grade 1 week from today! WOW! She's been reading alot, and loves it! Jace is not so great. He got an absessed cyst on his bottom. He couldn't even sit down. Went to the doc yesterday and the cyst ruptured and they had to completely drain it. he had to lay on the table for 15 minutes afterwards till he felt like he could get up. He's on meds, obviously and still pretty sore. He starts kindergarten 1 week from today. Benjamin is doing pretty good. he's trying to learn how to walk down stairs. We live in a 3rd floor apartment, so it's 4 flights of stairs. He's afraid to walk down stairs so he crawls down concrete. Rough on the knees and super slow. Yesterday I got him to take 2 steps down before picking him up. We'll keep working it like that. Other than that he starts his Preschool program next week as well! Ariana is doing pretty good as well. She's starting to get an interest in the potty so she sits on it multiple times a day, nothing yet but we shall see. She is now in a toddler bed and doing pretty good so far! Getting big!

Brian and I are ok. We aren't fighting right now, but definately aren't what I would classify as friends at the moment either, if that makes sense. Right now we have a goal to get a $2500 debt paid off, and we've budgeted out to do that by mid November. Makes life pretty tight until then, but it's something we really need to get done. Last night we went on a walk at a nature park, and it was interesting to say the least. :) We are hunting out free things to do to occupy time!
Hopefully our new furniture will be here this week. I never knew how important beds and living room furniture were until now! :) Once it's all here i can get to decorating so it will feel more like our home instead of an apartment!

Well I'm off for now. Hungry kids calling! :)

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