Sunday, August 24, 2008

Our Weekend

Saturday~ We helped our friends move. Halfway thru the day my foot was swelled so bad I couldn't get my shoe back on. Called the doc and she wanted me to go to ER to make sure it wasn't a blood clot. We spent FOREVER at the ER and they think it's arthritis, but hadn't gotten the lab work back to specifically confirm that. I am to go to my family doc tomorrow. They gave me a weird boot to wear on my foot and sent me home to rest. I'm most comfy being barefoot.

Sunday~ We decided to take the kids to our local park on Old Mac Donald's farm. They had alot of fun. The cow came right up to us and started mooing and the kids this was great and all mooed back at the cow. Ari was most fascinated with the cow and the pig. The kids played at the park for a bit and checked out tthought he animals. It was a great day to be outside. It was low to mid 60's when we were there!

I have some pictures from the park today and 1 random picture of Emily reading the kids a book friday night before bed!

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