Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My Hair

I colored my hair. The color choice was not my own, it was my husbands. Everyone that has seen it so far says it looks great and that my eyes look really big and dramatic. I'm still freaked out cause I have never done this color. Anyways here is a picture!
(excuse the photo. I tried to take it by myself which as we all know isn't so easy!)


Chelle said...

Holy Shit Heather, you look gorgeous!! Hot, Sexy mama! I love dark hair! Your eyes pop for sure! You look amazing! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It's great to have a change :) Hopefully it will bring good things for you :) You sure deserve it!!

Andrea said...

Hey Heather,

love your new hair color...looks look great!!!

CNH said...

Holy cats! That REALLY brings out your eyes. You look AMAZING!!!!