Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wheels of Justice

We received the first letter from our lawyer for signing today. He will be hand delivering it to our landlord today. We will no longer be in charge of this property come Aug 7th! I'm beyond excited! Now for the fun part to see what our landlord says. That should be interesting. I will keep updated.

In other news we are packing away. I got alot done yesterday, and am hoping to get alot more done today as well. We have people lined up to help us move Friday evening, Saturday late morning thru saturday night, all day sunday and then all day tuesday. We should have no problem getting it all out!

Brian and I are on edge, and fighting quite a bit. He informed me yesterday that he is the project manager and it's his job to manage and my job to do the work. He questioned how I had spent my time, and that I had taken a break from packing 2 days ago and watched a 1 hour tv show. He has been home for 4 hours by himself and has played on the computer. Also I did dishes and laundry, instead of packing. Priorities he said. HMMMM. As most of you can imagine, knowing me, I absolutely lost it. He has yet to pack ONE box out of probably 80 boxes packed. He claims that he sees that what he did/said were wrong and that he will help out. We shall see. I know that nerves are high and stress is immense but still.

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Chelle said...

I'm glad to hear that you are having help getting moved! Sounds like it will be moved pretty quickly! I'm sorry that you and B are fighting. With the stress you've been under and the tension that's been mounting, it's not surprising. I hate it when we say things that we regret later! Open Mouth insert foot! Hang in there girl! *HUGS*