Monday, July 14, 2008

I give up

i'm so ready to give up. Everytime I turn around it's something else.

Friday the babysitters came over. It was my day to go into town and run some errands and have some time to myself. i get a call that emily has a headache and a bit of a fever. i say give her some tylenol and have her lay down. I get a call again later saying that her fever has gone up. I head home. Emily comes running in and says she has to tell me something. the babysitter cuts emily off and starts talking. Apparently one of the sitters was sick so she laid on my couch and watched TV. So Emily had to fill in for her and help the other sitter. She couldn't figure out how to get the stroller to work so she carried Ari and had Emily push Ben in the cheap umbrella stroller. They went on a walk. Emily started complaining that she was tired and her stomach was crampy and her head hurt. The other kids wanted to go to the park. So the sitter picked the park. Emily I guess laid on the ground there. They finally came home after over an hour. By the afternoon (i was home at this point) Emily had a 104.5 fever and was having strange nightmares and we could hardly wake her up. Turns out she was overheated and dehydrated. In the middle of all of this our air conditioner broke. The doctor called us constantly throughout the evening and all and we got her up every hour to force fluids and keep recking temp. Finally around 3am it started going down. I was so mad at the sitters and called their parents. The father of the girl who was sick just said how much did you pay her and nothing more. Needless to say we are going to find new sitters.

and Jace...poor Jace. He has been getting sick sometimes 6 times a day. The other night he got sick a little after midnight. It's been horrible. We've been cleaning up puke almost every single day.

To top all of this off our landlord is being an ass. He still hasn't fixed the water damaged wall. The back wall of the living room is completely wet and molded. The AC is broken and leaked all over the utility room. He refuses to fix anything. We have no clue what we are going to do and it's a mess.

Sorry to sound all bitchy and all but I'm exhausted. Between Emily being sick and the constant struggle with Jace and his stomach, and the issues with the house and all of that I'm exhausted. We are sleeping sometimes 5 to 6 hours a night and i'm just wiped out.

more later....

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Chelle said...

That is a bunch of BS with the sitters! I wouldn't have paid them at all! What a jerk the father sounds like! I'm sorry Emily had to go through that! Sorry to hear about poor Jace! I hope that things get better soon! You all are in my prayers! I can't believe your landlord is being an ass. What is the law about landlords and such there in IA?? *HUGS*