Saturday, July 26, 2008

Fun Day yesterday (all in all)

Yesterday was a bit of a relax day. Yesterday morning the kids and I met up with 2 other families at a place called Playstation. Picture McD's play area but in a 3 story 20,000 sq ft bldg. The kids played there for about 2 hours, then we went to McD's for lunch. The lawyer met us for lunch and we went over all the paperwork and officially signed everything. He will send the demand letter on Monday and we wait and see what our landlords do. If we get no response or not the response we want then we take it to court. I'm hoping to be able to skip that part, but I'm willing to go the distance and refuse to back down. After that we came home for naps. Last night was Family Free Night at Coralridge mall so we headed out there for the evening. They have a big old carousel, and a clown, and the children's museum is free, kids eat free, and a large indoor play area. The kids had a great time running around and playing. We stayed way later than we probably should have and didn't get home and get the kids to bed until 9:45. Ari had a meltdown as we were leaving the mall but fell asleep in the van before we'd even left the parking lot! :) The kids are all still asleep this morning so far, which for them is sleeping in! :)
We've listed alot of things on craigslist, that we simply won't have room for in our new apartment. We have 6 people coming over so far today to look at all the different things. hopefully we will get it sold fast.
our neighbor is bringing over his truck and trailer today and we are going to start hauling stuff over to the apartment garage. Our apartment won't be available to move into until the 5th, but she was able to give us our garage so atleast we could get started.
I lost my cell phone. I think that I left it at the bank yesterday. I will have to call the bank this morning once they open! But in the meantime if you need us you can call Brian's cell phone number or our home number!

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