Sunday, July 27, 2008

Moving Sucks

I hate moving. i really hate moving. we have lived in 5 places since august of last year with this whole dang move from kansas to iowa.
our neighbor came over with this truck and trailer yesterday and we hauled 2 loads out to the new apartment garages. We are going to get some more stuff hauled out today.
Last night we went over to a friends house and they took our kids for 2 hours to the park with their kids so we could get some errands run! It was definately nice! We even got Jace's birthday shopping done!
Today we are hoping to get stuff sorted out into keep in apt, store in garage, and get rid of. We bought 10 rubbermaid tubs at walmart to start filling with store in garage stuff. I'm sure it won't be enough, but at least it's a starting point.
We aren't using any boxes for storage, all rubbermaids. We lost all the stuff in the boxes during the flood, and the stuff in the rubbermaids was ok. As we were getting things out of our storage the boxes were all covered in mold and falling apart. Good enough reason for me to spend the money on rubbermaid from now on.
Sorry that we aren't keeping up with phone calls and emails and such. We are just exhausted. Bri and I were talking last night and we think this is probably the most physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting thing we've ever been through. The mold and mildew and such probably doesn't help either. The younger 2 are struggling the most from it with sinus issues and cough. The rest of us have scratchy throats, headaches, fatigue, and Bri has a slight shortness of breathe when he's in there. Basically we are exhausted and attitudes kinda suck to be perfectly honest! :)
More updates soon.
love to all, and again HUGE THANK YOU'S to everyone for all the support!

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Chelle said...

YOu are in my thoughts and prayers through all of this! Sounds like you have some great neighbors! Thinkin of you girl! *HUGS*