Thursday, July 17, 2008

brief updates

Our landlord came over tuesday and took a piece of siding off the back of the house. He is leaving it off to let it dry. Someone is now supposedly going to be out Friday to fix the problem. I will believe it when I see it. We've heard that for months. Someone also came out to supposedly fix the AC. It isn't fixed. Go figure. Brian called the landlord to tell him it still isn't fixed and no response back from his voicemail. So now clue. We have been given some contact info for a local attorney that I will be calling today. I'm just so sick of dealing with all of this.

The kids are fairly bored. We haven't had much of a summer. Between the flood, the kids being sick, ben's school and therapy, Ari's therapy, the issues with the house and spending so much time on the phone over them, and everything else we haven't had much of a summer. Jace starts school on August 11. So yeah.

Brian's sister and her hubby moved to Iowa yesterday. They are storing all of their things in our garage until they move into their apt on Aug 4. They just left this morning for vacation. It will be nice having some family close by again!

Today is a lazy day. I have ANOTHER infection on my stomach and am feeling a bit run down and stuff. Ari has speech and physical therapy this morning, but other than that we are going to just lay low at home.

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