Tuesday, July 22, 2008

landlord, FEMA, housing, sanity

It's been a long few days. Sorry for the slow updating. Our landlord has been out once. He came with a "specialist" who was going to let us know if the walls were wet. DUH! So guess what, he said it was wet. They now have the fans pointed at the ceiling and want us to run them like that for 48 hours. HMMM. They finished the roof, sorta. It's a VERY bad roof job and there are already lose shingles and such. We called an attorney and they advised that we contact FEMA, so we did that and they came out and inspected yesterday. It will be 7-10 days they said before we get an answer back from them. In the mean time we are running in circles trying to find somewhere to live. We are having no luck finding rentals, as all of them are either to small, to expensive, or what not. After the flooding rentals have become few and far between. We have looked at a few houses for sale and are in the process of seeing what we can do there. Not really holding my breathe on any front right now.
The kids are going insane. They are not enjoying being stuck in 1 place in the house. They are bored, and rightly so. Ben doesn't have school today so I think we will go into town and do something...not sure what yet.
I'm ok..tired and sore. The cyst on my stomach is still infected and still really sore. I recheck at the doc tomorrow.
We are just trying to figure out how to get all of this. we are struggling...i'm just at the end of my sanity and bri is as well. The kids are even fast approaching! :) i will update more as i hear more.

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