Sunday, July 20, 2008


it's a mess.
after fighting with our landlord they finally got someone out to replace the roof. yesterday afternoon the roof people were drinking and apparently didn't cover the roof properly. We went out and shopping and had been home 5 minutes when a HUGE storm came. (at this point we didn't know that the roof wasn't properly covered) I was putting groceries away and heard rain loudly. sounded like the door was left open. i went to the living room and it was pouring rain, IN our house. it was pouring down the walls, in all the light fixtures, the fireplace, the doors, and just randomly all over the ceiling. I screamed for brian and the kids and we started moving stuff out as fast as we could. Mind you this is an 800 square foot living room. it's our living room, a TV room, the kids play room, and my craft storage area for all of the kids pictures and projects. oh and all my pretties are in there. I run to the neighbors and he comes over with tons of buckets. we are constantly checking the rest of the house. next thing we know it starts coming in our garage and storage room. all of our holiday and storage was soaked before we even knew what was happening. we call landlord and he comes with maintenance man. we find out that the already rotting out attic from the flood and such is filling with water. they go on the roof and cover it with plastic. it's to late. the storage ceiling starts cracking open. the living room ceiling is bulging and you can see all of the beams. the smell is horrible. water was pouring in the wall between the living room and the kitchen. the smell is horrible. the electrical got shorted out, so we don't have lights up there or power outlets. we have no idea what we are going to do.
that's all the info i have for the moment. we are in a state of shock right now and are struggling to figure out what to do next. i just can't believe this is happening. i can't deal with all of this and so many things happening at once. when do we get a freaking break?


Michelle said...


I am so sorry that this is happening, I wish that there was something I can do. I will definately add you guys to my prayer list.

CNH said...

Honey, they should be PAYING to put you up in a hotel. It should be IN YOUR LEASE that this is something they do when Acts of God (or stupid moronic repair people) hit. Threaten to take them to court if they refuse. You cannot live in there. It can make you very, very sick to live in a house with that much mold. Like you need ANY more help in that department.

What's up with your belly? Why do you have an infection?

God Golly I wish we were closer! (((HUGS)))