Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Jace ~ He went to the doc yesterday. They are going to put him back on prevacid and have also given him a prescription for nausea meds to be taken as needed. Our doc was able to get thru to his GI doc so we are going to get him in there as soon as possible. They are also going to send him to a dietician to try and figure out a specific food plan to get him on.

Me ~ I had my appointment with the hand surgeon yesterday. We both agreed that the best option at this point is the surgery. the braces have helped a bit at night, but not enough. I'm still having alot of pain and numbness and dropping things all the time. So they will call me today to get that scheduled. i've chosen to have both hands operated on at the same time, to get thru the recovery part faster.

In other news...Sunday Brian took the older 2 kids to the baseball game. the kids got free gloves, and after the game they got to go on the field and run the bases. They got a certificate for crossing home plate.
Last night we took all the kids on a picnic and to the local splash pad. They had fun. Ben wasn't sure about the water and spent the whole time running circles around the perimeter. Ariana went in a bit, but was happy on the outside watching and walking around.

Other than that not much exciting around here. Today is housework day. I'm not super excited about that. I hate cleaning house just to see it get trashed 5 minutes later! :)

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