Friday, June 27, 2008

Trip Rescheduled

Jace had his upper GI yesterday morning and now we are just waiting on the full results. They woman did tell us that she didn't see an obstruction but that we would need to wait for the radiologist to read it. So we are waiting.

our trip to Wichita has been rescheduled. We will get into town Thursday evening around 8am and will leave Monday morning to head home. So it's a short trip but atleast we will get to come in. last time we tried to schedule this trip it flooded so lets hope nothing goes wrong this time! :)

Brian is pretty stressed with his job right now. He had no training or orientation at Rockwell and then almost immediately got thrown into a team lead job. He is trying to figure out how they work and where things are and how things are done, with nobody to help. It's really starting to affect him. I'm not sure what to do about it, and don't really know how to help. All I know is he's constantly run down and in his own little world, distant from me lately. Hopefully the trip will give him a much needed recharge.

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Chelle said...

I hope you get Jace's results soon! How stressful for you! Sorry that Brian is stressing at work! Not only does it cause him stress, but you as well! I know how that is!
That's awesome that your trip to Wichita is rescheduled... wondered if I should just give you the little something I got you when you are in town or mail it? Let me know! *HUGS*