Monday, June 9, 2008

No Trip

Life can be interesting sometimes.
We aren't coming into Wichita this week. I'm not happy about this but sometimes that's how life ends up. We will make it in I just don't know the exact date yet.

Jace had his appointment with the GI doc. He had labwork and all and we are waiting on the results. Then the doc will decide what he wants to do next. So we wait. He's still completely off of dairy.

Ben is officially 3. WOW. His party went well. We had 2 families over, for a total of 6 adults and 8 kids. He loved all of his presents, and loved his cake. He wanted a blue circle cake. It wasn't the most beautiful cake ever but he loved it. So that is all that matters. He is also officially done with his Early Access therapy. He will start his new therapy next week. I'm excited and nervous to see how it goes.

Ariana had her therapy this morning. She met her new physical therapist, and did great with her. She is also going to be referred for OT. They said that she is definately struggling. She has problems with her core and hips. They also immediately noticed her hands and the problems there. They are going to start doing therapy and also are thinking that she may need to be seen by a neurologist. We shall see.

We went to walmart this morning and I parked the cart to look for something. Next thing i knew I heard a loud crash and Ari start screaming. When I touched the shelf down a bit it made the whole shelf slightly shift. Dumb walmart has these rolling file cabinets that you can fold up. They put them on an upper shelf propped up on the wheels with nothing blocking them in. All 8 of them fell and 3 of them hit Ariana in the head. She now has a bump and bruise on her head. I complained to the manager telling them that needs fixed and they filed this whole incident report and crap. I was just pissed and wanted to make sure that this doesn't happen to anyone else. I'm sure it didn't feel very good, but I think it probably scared her more than anything.

Today is Brian's 1st day to not have to pick up Emily and now he will be home super late anyway. He got to work late this morning so therefore gets off late. Hopefully he can get into the habit of getting up and into work early so that he can get home early and have some time to spend as a family.

well that is all for now as my kids are all waking up and the laundry is needing switched and i'm going to need to start get the idea.
more to come tomorrow.

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