Saturday, June 14, 2008

good news bad news

the river in cedar rapids crested yesterday afternoon, over 7 feet higher than the original prediction. bet they can tell as of yesterday morning there is over $736 million worth of damage. But until they can actually get in there that is a low estimate. the river has slowly begun to recede.
the river in iowa city is still rising and is expected to crest on monday. they are doing everything they can to protect the U of I hospital as it's the last fully functioning hospital around right now.
the even worse news is we are supposed to get more rain today, tonight, and tomorrow. Everyone is getting ready and preparing for the worst.

our local volunteer fire department is having a family day today from 11 to 4. They are having tours and games and a BBQ. We are going to take the kids to have some fun time out, and to get to know more in our community. It will be a much needed break for us all.

thank you to everyone for all of the prayers and emails. it means alot to us to know that everyone is thinking about us and our community.

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Chelle said...

You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers, I'm sorry I didn't get to read this sooner! Your community is also in my prayers! I pray that the river continues to go down and you can start rebuilding your things there! Get lots of rest! *HUGS*