Thursday, June 12, 2008

update 555pm

we are here. it's been one storm after the next. our landlord had to come out and bring a second submersible pump. the new one pumps 2700 gallons an hour. it ran all afternoon. he also brought a dehumidifier to put where the water is getting in to help a touch until it can get repaired. our roof is falling off in huge chunks. right now we are again between storms. tonight they are calling for more huge storms and possibly tornados. it could be a long night. we are already exhausted so we are hoping to be able to sleep tonight. i don't want to be out there all night digging trenches and such.

i went into town and bought lots of drinks. the area is on water restriction. apparently everyone is at 25% percent water supply. so that's pretty crappy as you can imagine.

i think we will be heading to bed early tonight if at all possible. i didn't take any pictures today as we were to busy working to keep our house safe. there are tons of new pictures on the newspaper online though and on and such.

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CNH said...

I'm thinking of you guys. Stay safe. :(