Thursday, June 19, 2008

Experience of a lifetime

last week my debit card was missing. I called the bank and they blocked the card (brian's also, since it's the same account number) and said we would receive new ones. 2 days later i found it and didn't even think about it and stuck it in my wallet.
fastforward to tonight.
we decided to go out to dinner. we went to applebee's. we ate, the bill came, i stuck my card with it and didn't think anything about it. the manager comes out saying my card was rejected as being reported as a lost or stolen card. i thought OH CRAP. i had completely forgotten. they don't take checks. so i quickly called my bank, and they informed me they couldn't unblock the card and that there was nothing they could do. We decided that i would leave and go to the grocery store and try and cash a check there. as i was getting up to leave this young couple at the table, said they had heard what was happening and would like to help. they took our bill and paid the whole thing for us. we tried to offer them a check of anything at all to reimburse/thank them and they said to just pass it on! we couldn't believe it. i was in absolutely shock. i think that we all told them like 100 times thank you. they just said pass it on.
i feel forever indebted to these people. it made me almost cry. i'm soooo happy to know that there are still such good amazing people out there in the world! I just had to share what happened and you can dang well guarantee we will for sure be passing it on!


Chelle said...

WOW That is awesome Heather! What a blessing! That's awesome that they just said pass it on! It is great to know that there are still amazing people out there!

Kimble-Wood said...

It's nice to know there are still people out there that believe in "paying it forward". With all that you've been through lately, I know God brought those people into your life for a reason.