Monday, June 2, 2008

Creative Eating

Benjamin is back on a major eating issue kick. He has eating applesauce mostly for almost 2 weeks now. He's had a few bites of a breakfast casserole, a pb & j(part of it) and maybe some salami. tonight he wanted yogurt. so i took a meatball and the yogurt and 1/3 of a banana and put it all in the blender. he wouldn't really eat it at first and you could tell he knew something wasn't right. Finally he let me spoon feed it to him and he did end up eating it. We always give him whatever we are eating and then we finally at almost the end of the meal give him the applesauce or whatnot that he wants. We simply need him to eat something. i so hope that someday he outgrows this and that he will be able to eat. it's so hard to keep trying to sneak some food in, and to constantly fight with him over eating.

in other news...jace and ben had their graduation today. jace's last graduation is tomorrow. ben is done with school for the semester! YEAH! I'm so ready for this school year to be over.

anyways so much more is going on but i just don't have time right now to type it all out. i'm baking...LOTS. i'm making up 6 goody boxes for the kids to take to all of their teachers tomorrow. muffins and cookies and all that yummy stuff! more soon....

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