Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Summer for the boys

summer is officially here for the boys. today was jace's final graduation and he is now on summer as well. emily has 2 1/2 days left. i'm so excited that we are almost done. only 3 more mornings to have to make the long drive to get her to school.

ben has 2 more in home therapy sessions with the autism team. i can't believe that the time is almost up. since he turns 3 on saturday he transfers to the school district. i will really miss his team. they were so great with him. he will start his new program on the 18th of june. he did get extended year..2 days a week, 1 hour each time of school and then 30 minutes 1 day a week of speech. they got his associate hired and she will be starting summer school with him on the 18th. so he will have her from the very first day that he starts school. i'm so relieved about that. i'm glad that he will get to have the consistency of her always being with him. i can't believe that ben will be 3 on saturday. we got his presents in the mail today...ordered them all from discovery toys. brian's first comment is how it's so weird because they totally aren't a typical toy for a 3 year old. i agree but these are the kinds of things that he loves.

tomorrow is jace's appointment with the pediatric GI. I'm excited to meet the new doc and get working with him. i'm also excited because for the first time ever jace will have an actual pediatric doc in the city that we live in! that's a first and definately exciting. right now jace is on a month of no dairy again. he's drinking a bit of almond milk and thats it. so we are back to be very creative with our diet and cooking. he's doing pretty good although he's really missing all of his foods. he keeps begging for his appointment so he can have milk...if only he understood that it isn't that easy.

brian was watching a video of tornados with the kids, and the one happened to be from the andover tornado. brian said he lived there when it came through. Jace asked him if he died in the tornado. brian laughed and said no. jace said oh. gotta love the things they say!

well ben is now throwing a fit because he got in trouble for throwing a picture. now ariana is crying because ben is crying. ugggh. gotta love life.

more later.

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