Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cabin Fever

We are here and are ok. It's just been kind of a lonely few days. We haven't gone into town or really gone anywhere. We've just been home. All of my friends are on the other side of the river so it's been impossible to get together. Two of my good friends, literally had to evacuate so they haven't even been in town.
Benjamin started school on Monday, and today was his 2nd day. We had our 3rd IEP mtg today and hopefully we FINALLY have it all figured out. Ben will be going to school on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9am to 11:30. This is for his summer extended year. So we ended up with 5 hours a week. I couldn't believe it! He seems to be doing well with his 1 on 1 associate so I'm really relieved about that.
Emily and Jace are doing ok. They are getting bored and fighting quite a bit. We've been sending them outside alot and going on walks in the evenings. Jace keeps waking Emily up in the morning and we are trying to figure out how to break this habit.
Ariana is doing good. She's slowly but surely trying to take more steps, and when she falls she's trying to get back up instead of crawling! She has physical therapy in the morning and I'm so excited to hear what they say about her progress!
Brian is ok. He's got a cold at the moment so a bit grouchy about that. He and I aren't on the best of terms at the moment, and to be honest I have no idea why. We arne't specifically fighting but we aren't specifically communicating well and getting along either.
I'm pretty good. Just bored with sitting here at home. I starting knitting Ben a pair of wool shorties yesterday. I should hopefully have them finished up tonight! They are a beautiful kettle dyed wool in browns and greens. They are knitting up beautifully. I have to stop frequently to let my hands rest but I'm having fun knitting again!
Anyways that's about it for now. I think we are going to head out for a walk.

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