Monday, November 12, 2007

U of I

Today was Ben's appt at the University of Iowa. My friend who was supposed to watch Ari emailed at 10 something last night saying her child was sick and that she couldn't watch Ari. I ended up taking Ben and Ari for the day. We got there at 8:30 and didn't leave till almost 3. They had no naps and it made for a VERY long day. Ben saw many people today and they want him to come back for another full day to finish testing. They agree that he is 100% autistic but also wonder if something else is going on as well. Hence the other day of testing. They gave me all the referrals he needs for now to get him into speech therapy. Hopefully that will really help with the communication, memorization and echoing. They want him to work with the PECS program. So our life will become pictures. I'm ok with that as long as it helps Ben. We are also going to be looking into getting him a switch to help with his echoing and his need for repetition. So that's the basics. Clearly there was tons more info but I'm to tired to type it all out right now.

I'm pretty tired this evening. I only slept around 5 hrs last night, and it's clearly been a long day. I'm picturing an early bedtime. Tomorrow Ben will be gone all day at the babysitters. So it will be Ari and I. I'm hoping to get a few errands done and alot of laundry. So then Wednesday all I need to do is get our stuff packed and get the car loaded. Then we can get on the road first thing thursday morning.

I'm excited about this trip to Wichita. Alot is going on. It will also be my last trip in potentially for quite a while. That's weird to think about!

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