Friday, November 9, 2007

Open House

the boys had open house at school last night. We did art projects, played, chatted with teachers, and had cookies and milk! They had alot of fun showing us around their rooms and meeting their friends.
Today was a long day. Ben was in one of those moods and nothing went well. It was a constant melt down for him. I love him but he tries my patience so much, and I feel at a complete loss and like a complete failure with him sometimes. I just don't know what to do to help him. He has his all day assessment and appointment at the university of Iowa on Monday so I'm hoping to get some answers there.
I'm halfway through Ben's 2nd soaker. This one is made from 100 % kettle dyed wool from uraguay. it's in beautiful rich green colors. I'm really liking how the colors are looking so far! After this I'll make Ben one more soaker, and then I'm going to work on a pair of longies for Ariana. I'd also like to make some Christmas stockings! I definately like the knitting and find it super relaxing. I didn't know if I'd enjoy it but I really am! :)
anyways the kids are in bed and I'm off to watch some tv and knit before I head to bed as well!

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