Monday, November 26, 2007


We are home. We made the trip in 7 1/2 hrs!!! I was flying! We only stopped when absolutely necessary and for as short amount of time as possible. The kids are beyond hyper this evening and a bit grumpy, but atleast we made it home fairly quickly. We forgot to throw out one of our pumpkins before leaving, and lets just say i'll never forget that again. It was the nastiest thing I've ever had to clean up. It dripped down the table and all over the floor. Not fun at all. The sun room smells like yucky pumpkin. Once the kids go to bed I will be lighting a strong smelling candle for awhile! :)
Tomorrow will be nice! Emily and Jace both have school and Ben has his all day daycare! I'm going to stay home and unpack, do laundry, organize, and clean, and get all the fall decorations down so we can get all the Christmas decorations up! I'm hoping to get alot done tomorrow!
Brian gave his 2 wk notice today. He was really nervous but it went well! Everyone was excited for him! I think this will make the end for him so much easier! He now has 92 hrs left to work and he has to do it all in 10 days! :) He'll be busy! We are all so excited that the end is almost here FINALLY!
anyways the kids are out of control and fighting and Ari is fussy. They need to atleast make it until 7:30 before heading to bed!

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