Wednesday, November 28, 2007


brian isn't going to be able to come out here early after all. He has to work till the 14th or else they won't pay for his last semester at school. We had made all these holiday plans and now they are all gone. I now have to figure it out and do the best I can to make this holiday time as fun as possible for the kids, by myself.
I bought a tree yesterday and had to pay them extra to deliver it, put it in the stand, and bring it in the house. Even then I have to rearrainge the living room and decorate it by myself. Which should be interesting because it's a 10 ft tree! :)
Other than that life is going...Slowly. I've got alot of things to get done between now and Christmas.
Next week all the therapists will be coming out to meet with Benjamin and I and we will begin to set up his care plan. I'm excited to meet with them and get this all going.
anyways gotta get ready to get out the door for school. then home for laundry and cleaning.

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