Saturday, November 3, 2007

Revisiting Communication

Well I've thought about this more during the day. Then events made me think about the opposite. I think that communication is vital. I think it's the lifeblood of each and every relationship. I think it makes it or breaks it. I think it there isn't freeflowing communication from all sides, then a breakdown occurs, that can't be easily fixed, especially by only one party. I've been a good and bad communicator. I have no problem talking. I say what I'm thinking and feeling, and am fairly open to talking with a wide variety of people. Sometimes I don't always think before I speak, and sometimes I don't "sugar coat" as much as I probably need to. I can be straight forward, sometimes to the point of crossing the invisible line, between honesty and cruelty. But I am always honest, always straightforward, and never afraid to talk. I'm a great listener, come up with creative solutions many times, and I'm not afraid to say that I have no clue. I always hope and assume that people are like me, not afraid to be honest and have a conversation. Not afraid to share their opinions even if it differs from other. Then I find out that people aren't. It's heartbreaking for me. I don't know how to deal with people and situations like that. I'm the type who will sit up for 3 days and talk it through to resolution if that's what it takes. I'm the type who will do whatever it takes to talk it out. I'm the type who likes to talk, for the fun, to get to know little tidbits about people that you won't find out without deep talking!
Some may think that I'm just rambling, but some know exactly what I'm talking about. I need communication. I need it on a deep emotional connecting level.
What does everyone else think? Am I way off? Can you relate?

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