Monday, November 19, 2007

Quick Check In

We are in Wichita, obviously, and have been here since last Wednesday. We don't leave until next Monday, 1 week from today. It's been nice to see everyone! Yesterady I had 6 whole hours without the kids! I went to a friends house and we made baklava and chatted. It was great!
Brian and I have spent some time just the 2 of us and that has been great as well. I also am realizing this trip how much relationships have changed being apart these last 2 months. Makes you realize who your true friendships are!

I chatted with the main worker for Ben this morning. She is going to get an appt scheduled for us as soon as we get home to get things rolling! I'm ready to get started!

Anyways that's really all for now. Everyone is good! More later!

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