Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Soaker Completed!

I finished my very first diaper soaker. I've been knitting it since Friday and finished it this afternoon! It's not perfect but for my first knitting project I think I did pretty darn good! I'll try to include a pic of it with this post!

Other than that this morning Ari and I ran errands while all the kids were at school. We got alot done. When we woke up this morning it wsa 19 degrees. That's absolutely horrible! Winter coats are required!
It also gets dark super early around here which makes for strange nights. We were finishing up our errands when it got dark this evening. Quite depressing and makes me so sleepy.
In good news we have a contract on our house. We close on November 30th. We are hoping all goes well and that the closing definately happens! We are very excited though to be almost done. I was starting to wonder if we were ever going to sell!
I'm baking 4 dozen cookies this evening! Tomorrow is open house at the boys school and I'm signed up to bring 2 dozen for each boy! Jace is very excited!
In other news Ari gained weight! She weighed 14lbs 3.2oz! YEAH!!!! I'm so darned excited that she's gaining WITHOUT formula or pumping or any of those things!
That's all! :)
counting down the days till we see everybody! Much love!


Michelle said...

Wow! The soaker looks great! I have never knitted before but it would definitely be something fun to learn. Good job with your first project!

Debbie said...

The soaker looks great! I could never get the hang of knitting! It should help relax you some knitting! Cross-stitching also helps me! What are you going to do next? Keep in touch!