Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Short days LONG nights

Wow the days are super short here. It gets dark at 4:45pm. WOW! It makes me very sleepy and makes the kids sleepy too. Then it makes for really long evenings where the kids are fussy and bored and feeling tired. Last night I fell asleep on the couch at like 8:15. Ariana woke up this morning though at 4am. Talk about horrible. Sleep schedules are all screwed up right now. The wind has been horrible, putting our temperature around 21 degrees with windchill. Makes for some unpleasant times to be outside.
Emily is doing well. She had piano lessons again yesterday. She loves playing but hates practicing. She gets frustrated easily, that she doesn't always get the song immediately. She does do well though keeping up with her practice with minimal reminders. Her adoption will be finalized in 10 days and she is so excited! She is already signing her name as Moore, and loves when mail comes addressed that way. She tells everyone she's ready to be done and have her family complete when "dad hurries up and finishes in wichita". :)
Jace is doing pretty good. He's enjoying school. He's starting to make some friends, and is really starting to get everyone's names down. He is wanting to take drum lessons! We said lets wait on that! :) His school is having an open house on Thursday evening and he's so excited because his class is doing something special!
Benjamin is doing pretty good. He has his good days and his bad days, and you never know which one you will get. He had a big meltdown yesterday at a playgroup and one of the other moms jumped in and calmed him down, giving me a much needed break. He's doing well in school, and starting to talk to them more, especially during outside playtime!
Ariana is doing good! She's getting so big! She finally has her first tooth and the other one is right under the gum. She's still not crawling but scoots super fast all over the house. She gained 5 oz and I'm very happy about that. She's starting to eat soft foods and loves that! She's been a bit mommy clingy, so I'm hoping that means growth spurt! :)
I saw the chiro today and we talked about my right arm going completely numb. It's to the point that it wakes me up at night. She did xrays and my neck has 2 vertebras (sp?) out of place slightly and there is no curve in my neck. She said it's definately from the car accident, which is what I was figuring. She did an adjustment and showed me an exercise to help out. I'm not sleeping so well. I'm getting really tired. Being here by myself with the kids has been alot harder than I expected.
We went to a knitting playgroup this last Monday and it was great. I felt very welcome and at home. We've been invited to their friday playgroup as well! I'm working on Ben's soaker and am hoping to be done with it in the next day or two! I'm very excited to have almost completely my first knitting project! i can't wait to see it on him! :)
Well Little Lady is looking at me with big eyes fussing and scooting my way. So I'm off! It's almost dark and I'm going to need to get dinner going soon.
I'll be in Wichita Saturday the 17th through Monday the 26th for anyone who is wanting to know! :)
See you all soon! (well some of you anyways!)
Hugs and loves and missing you all!

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