Thursday, June 17, 2010

thursday "update"

quick response to texts/emails/calls. Eli's tests were today. It wasn't good. Different than what they had expected. He is NPO indefinitely. I'm not dealing with this well right now and am really struggling. The reality of everything has hit me like a ton of bricks this time and i'm really struggling to keep it together. i promise to get back to everyone at some point, but right now i can't do it.

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Kimble-Wood said...

Don't feel like you have to respond to everyone. Or anyone for that matter. We know how consumed you are with all of this. To "expect" you to respond is craziness. Just know there are SO many people out there thinking of you and the family and lifting you all up in prayer. Your situation is weighing to heavily on my heart. I know there isn't anything I can do to make it better, but you know I'm here even if it is just to vent. Maybe one of these days I can come up with Tiff and help out.