Thursday, June 10, 2010

1st Test Done

This morning was Eli's Sweat Chloride Testing. We had to check into the hospital at 7:45. They weren't running to far behind so we actually got in fairly quickly. He wasn't thrilled about the test at all. The electrodes made him pretty uncomfortable and he had to do it on each arm. Then during the collection part he completely fell asleep. But then the ripping off of 17 pieces of tape woke him right the heck up. His poor little arms were super red by the time we left. Now he's pretty fussy. Hoping to get the results by the end of the day.
Eli has physical therapy today at 1pm. We were able to find the style of highchair she was wanting so hopefully that will prove to be helpful with his therapies as well!

The older 4 are doing well. Emily's toe is still a bit sore, mostly just if touched. She's walking and running around pretty well! Jace is same old, same old. He's constantly in trouble, and hurting others. Hoping for some answers soon. Benjamin has less than a week left in his cast, hopefully. He's pretty excited to get it off. He wants to go swimming so badly. Ari is doing well with her potty learning! She's been in underwear for 1 1/2 weeks, and only had a handful of accidents.

Bob is working as always. We are sooo ready for scheduale change coming up in the next few months! I'm ok. I've been on the headache meds for a little over a week. Seems to help the severity a touch, but not the frequency. I have another doc appt next week so hoping for more info.

I will update when I hear back from the doc on test results!

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