Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ben's 5th Birthday!

Ben had a very low key birthday this year and he absolutely loved it. Simple is always best with Ben. My parents came over and Ben picked out his birthday dinner (breakfast casserole and french toast casserole..his favorite.) He selected his birthday cupcakes, with sprinkles baked inside of course! It was a nice quiet night at home all about him. He got a Thomas floor puzzle, his 1st bike, and his very own gaming system. He has been trying to play Jace's nintendo DS and he just isn't quite ready. So we finally settled on a Leapster 2. It was the perfect choice! He absolutely loves it! He has been playing non stop since he got it. It has some built in games, 1 free download game, and we purchased 2 additional games. It's gone everywhere with him. He'll be trying out his bike as soon as his cast is off and he's released by his doc to resume normal activities! 5 was exciting for him, but kindergarten is what he is waiting on. I think it will be a bigger celebration for him than his birthday! Here are a few pictures of Ben from his day!

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