Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Quick Check In

It's been a busy few days.
Yesterday Eli had his appt with the GI doc. She says there are a few tests that could be run, but they are dangerous and she doesn't think they will be worth it. So she wants us to wait till his appt in KC with the motility specialist. So we wait. She did say that I could pump, completely, and then allow Eli to "dry nurse" so he can have that comfort of sucking at the breast. He gets a few drops of milk but nothing major. This time allows him that comfort, and it is nice for me as well. So we are doing this a few times a day. Tomorrow Eli has PT, and a phone check in with the dietitian.

The older 3 have been busy this week with VBS. Ben has enjoyed it and done well. Ari has been having some quiet time by herself without her older 4 siblings and she has really seemed to enjoy it. She is completely potty trained now and is using the potty on her own, and sleeping in underwear as well. She's super excited about this.

Bob's working his regular hours this week as there was no OT available. I'm getting ready for the garage sale this weekend. I also colored my hair today. I'll get pics up soon.
Will update more soon!

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