Sunday, June 13, 2010

Family time Saturday

We spent saturday at home together as a family goofing around. We had fun with a mini photo shoot Saturday afternoon! I was behind the camera where I like to be, so no pictures of me...just the way I like it! Enjoy!

my toothless Jace. He's currently missing 3 teeth! :)

Ari was getting super sleepy and wanting picked up. So she's was trying to climb up my legs. Had to snap a photo before picking her up! :)

My silly Jace. Always making goofy faces, camera or not!

Hanging out at the table waiting on her lunch. Emily cleaned out her room and gave Ari some notebooks. Ari thinks they are super cool.

Gotta love the preteen attitude! SOOOOO much fun! LOL

Jace loves to hang out over Eli's play gym and play with him. Eli is beginning to use his hands more which results in Eli pulling at people's face or hair or whatever he can grab in his little fingers. Jace "complains" but keeps going back for more. Kissing are a constant too!

Bob hiding behind Emily give her "bunny ears". The kids thought this was hilarious and Emily jokingly said she'll "never speak to us again if this photo ends up on facebook." I figure this isn't facebook, and a moment or two of nobody speaking to me would be nice anyways! LOL

Emily is getting so dang old.

Again where has time gone???

Mr eli playing under his play gym.

eli and his play gym.

Mr Ben right after eating cheetos. He loves that it makes his fingers orange! We don't love it quite as much as he does. lol

My older 2 boys goofing off in the kitchen.

Bob attempting to make the kids lunch while they all goof off in the kitchen and I run around snapping pictures!

Bob goofing off in the living room right after the above bunny ears picture!

My cute Mr Ben. Sometimes he still looks so little!

doesn't she look so innocent?

I love her big smile!

Playing with Eli and his mirror.

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